We are finally home after 5 super fun but long weeks in Bogota. The last week has flown by but after 5 long days of appointments, my mom coming out and 1 visit to the US embassy in Bogota, Leidy is finally a Colopy! I can’t begin to explain the feeling! Its been a year of endless paperwork and doctors appointments, and notary visits, etc. I can’t believe she is finally home. It feels so normal yet so surreal at the same time. 

Our last week in Bogota was very bittersweet. It felt nice to finally be finanilizing the adoption and to have my mom there, but I could tell Leidy was heavy hearted. I think all of the anticipation and nerves were surfacing. She was super quiet sort of moping around, understandably. When asked what would make her feel better she requested to spend some time with her best friend from her orphanage, Monica. They were separated two months ago when their orphanage closed. Monica was sent to another foundation while Leidy was placed in a temporary one while she was waiting for us to arrive.  With the amazing work of our rep, Martha, we were able to bring Monica to our place for the weekend. This was of course the perfect medicine for Leidy! The girls had a blast and Leidy was the perfect host to her bff. Monica going home was followed by many many goodbyes. We have met some wonderful people who we will miss. Leidy and I both formed some great friendships. We have told Leidy that Colombia will always be a part of her and her home. We will visit often and try to bring Colombian culture (foods, holidays, etc) into our home. As we say often as cheesy as it may sound, our family is part Colombian now!

Being home has been wonderful. Its so weird to be a family of 5 now. Now onto the small stuff like how to integrate English speaking, (since we have been speaking so much spanish), house rules, school etc. Sometimes I just want to go back to Bogota where I had no responsibilities except just hanging out all day.  We will miss this place and all of the amazing people we have met. 

Just love this face

New glasses at the flea market

celebrating Leidy Colopy with Annilee!

Lunch with all of us. Leidys favorite soup Ajiaco

the girls and Santi

Leidy and Santi have such a neat connection. We will miss this face!

Making chocolates with Fernando and Monica

Lunch with the ladies at our favorite place with our favorite juice guanabana

Saying our goodbyes to Martha. She worked so hard for us. We are forever grateful.

Emmie and her boyfriends Santi and Francisco

Leidys friends came by the night before we left! She is so happy here.

our family at Zuetana

Mauricio our driver! 

Finally on that plane home!

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