This is our story of adoption and a little bit of all the things I love.... God. family. friends. all things vintage. food. generosity. laughing. Hope you enjoy!


We are finally home after 5 super fun but long weeks in Bogota. The last week has flown by but after 5 long days of appointments, my mom coming out and 1 visit to the US embassy in Bogota, Leidy is finally a Colopy! I can’t begin to explain the feeling! Its been a year of endless paperwork and doctors appointments, and notary visits, etc. I can’t believe she is finally home. It feels so normal yet so surreal at the same time. 

Our last week in Bogota was very bittersweet. It felt nice to finally be finanilizing the adoption and to have my mom there, but I could tell Leidy was heavy hearted. I think all of the anticipation and nerves were surfacing. She was super quiet sort of moping around, understandably. When asked what would make her feel better she requested to spend some time with her best friend from her orphanage, Monica. They were separated two months ago when their orphanage closed. Monica was sent to another foundation while Leidy was placed in a temporary one while she was waiting for us to arrive.  With the amazing work of our rep, Martha, we were able to bring Monica to our place for the weekend. This was of course the perfect medicine for Leidy! The girls had a blast and Leidy was the perfect host to her bff. Monica going home was followed by many many goodbyes. We have met some wonderful people who we will miss. Leidy and I both formed some great friendships. We have told Leidy that Colombia will always be a part of her and her home. We will visit often and try to bring Colombian culture (foods, holidays, etc) into our home. As we say often as cheesy as it may sound, our family is part Colombian now!

Being home has been wonderful. Its so weird to be a family of 5 now. Now onto the small stuff like how to integrate English speaking, (since we have been speaking so much spanish), house rules, school etc. Sometimes I just want to go back to Bogota where I had no responsibilities except just hanging out all day.  We will miss this place and all of the amazing people we have met. 

Just love this face

New glasses at the flea market

celebrating Leidy Colopy with Annilee!

Lunch with all of us. Leidys favorite soup Ajiaco

the girls and Santi

Leidy and Santi have such a neat connection. We will miss this face!

Making chocolates with Fernando and Monica

Lunch with the ladies at our favorite place with our favorite juice guanabana

Saying our goodbyes to Martha. She worked so hard for us. We are forever grateful.

Emmie and her boyfriends Santi and Francisco

Leidys friends came by the night before we left! She is so happy here.

our family at Zuetana

Mauricio our driver! 

Finally on that plane home!


Its been almost a week since Ty and Ira have left and the time has gone by super fast and super slow at the same time. I am trying not to think about how long it has been and just focus on being present here.  Conveniently, I have been out a computer until last night as well. For some reason the electricity here is different, even though the outlets are the same and something burnt out on my computer charger so it has been in the repair shop. 

Emmie, Leidy and I are doing good and keeping busy. We have been watching lots of movies. Leidy is catching up on the twilight series and can’t get enough. Emmie has been into everything as usual, she is starting to stand on her own for about 10-20 seconds. We are loving Bogota! We wish we could travel around more but honestly its been nice to get to know an area/people/restaurants. My mom is coming out in a few days. It will be her first international travel! She will love it. 

Our paperwork has been sitting on the judges desk for about a week now just waiting for a signature. Our rep says that she is expecting a signature next week which is AWESOME. After the signature we have about another 5 business days to take care of US visa/passport etc before we can go home. 

Here are some pictures of the last week or two. In no order

Miss this boy!

On the top of Montserrate

Plaza Bolivar

Soldier guarding the President’s house

Bus ride there.

Making chocolates

Walking to the flea market

Taxi ride… 6 of us crammed into the worlds smallest car. Best day of their lives.

Taxi ride

Plaza Bolivar

Plaza Bolivar

Emmie.. Leidy picked out her outfit!

Cable car up to Montserrate

View of all of Bogota

Church of Guadalupe

Our amigo Fernando

President’s home


Colopys are still good. We haven’t been able to travel much because we have so many appointments, so we are looking forward to doing and seeing more next week. Leidy has had two doctor apts and we have also had to visit a notary for Tyler to sign over power of attorney to me so that I can complete the adoption since he has to go home in a couple of weeks. In Colombia they do what is called an integration week. This is the first week we spend with Leidy. When the week is complete we will have a meeting with our attorney and representative to sign paperwork saying we still want to adopt and Leidy will have to say she still wants to be adopted. After this then our paperwork can be sent to court. So essentially this whole first week has not really been anything but us spending time together:) 

We have met so many friends here. Most of them are adopting as well. Tim and Annie are adopting Santi he is 9 months, and Ruth and Decklyn are adopting Francisco 11 months, he comes home today actually. It has been so so special to be a part of their family begginings. Adoption is such a beautiful thing no matter what age. To see these first time mothers holding their new babies is so neat. Tyler and I feel so blessed to have been able to witness these beautiful moments. 

I am reading Kisses From Katie again, SUCH a good book and so inspirational. One part I love… (sorry for the length)

"Adoption is absolutely God ordained, but is also about the most unnatural way to grow a family. And it comes with huge heartache and huge God-wrestling.  How do I tell a child that I love her when she doesn’t know love? How do I expect her to trust me when all she has ever known is broken trust? I prove it. I earn it. I remind them over and over again with words, actions hugs, and kisses. I remind myself over again that Christ incarnated in the parent is the only hope incarnating Christ in a child. When a child bites me, hits me or looks into my eyes and tries to shove me away so she can hurt me before I hurt her, when a child over eats to the point of vomiting because she was once so hungry and is afraid of that hunger or she hides food under her covers "just in case", when my child cries out for her birth mother or birth father who was abusive? What then? I love anyway. I get on my knees and cry to God about the hurt they have experienced and I ask Him why? And then I remember that a good God who wants good for His children can give only good. I remember that all of this, even this hard part is working for the good in their lives, for the good of God and his kingdom. I rememebr that these hardships are gifts that He is using to strengthen us as a family and in Him so that he may transform us into his likeness.  We cherish the grace that is this unique family. And to the questions and the comments and the compliments, this is my reply:  " These are the children that the Lord saw fit to bless me with."

My prayer is that I can be a mother and Ty a father that exlemplifies this. We feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity to extend our family through adoption. Thank you for all of your kind works and prayers and encouragement. Thank you for donating your time and money to help make this happen. It means the world to us. 

Leidy and I at Francisco’s welcome party

Ira and his cake

Sweet Emmie

Making traditional Colombian empanadas

My not so happy cook


Love them

Driving in our first car ride with out car seats! Apparently its normal here, we have been getting crazy looks for taking the time to install them so we gave in. Don’t judge :)

Ty and Ems with Tim and Santi

Ira attempting crossfit at the park

Leidy making my favorite! Fried Plantains

Ira putting on Leidy’s clothes


Here are some pictures of Leidy’s birthday party we had here yesterday.  We are having quite the week here with her birthday and our anniversary so we have been celebrating every chance we get. 

Leidy, Ira and Emmie couldn’t be happier. So far Ira and Emmie have been extremely comfortable around their new sister and Leidy has been taking her older sister role very seriously. She is so helpful and loves to play with both of them. Thursday will be one week since we have had her so we will have a meeting and hopefully find out a little more information as to how long we will have to be here but so far we are having a lot of fun. Bogota is an awesome place. There are lots of things to do. Per lots of requests I will keep the pictures coming. Thanks for all of the love!

Leidy insisted that her candles all be clumped together which of course caused the largest bonfire in the middle of the cake. The staff were panicking!


She got to skype with her siblings who live in Italy who were adopted by a family in Italy last year.

Flea market

birthday cupcakes

lunch break


We are finally here and I can’t tell you how good it feels to finally be a family!

Things are going good. We have felt God’s protection and peace more than I could have ever expected. From many travel mercies with luggage and rental cars and even staying with my family in Ft Lauderdale on the way.  I have never had a relationship with my dad, but in the past have been able to see his brothers and sisters and my cousins but it has been a long long time, so it was nice to reconnect with them. It was also nice for them to meet Ira and Emmie.

We arrived in Bogota on Wednesday night and are staying in what is called an adoption hotel. It is a big home with separate rooms and apartments where  families “in waiting” are staying with their kids. So far we have met a family from Holland who are on their third adoption from Colombia, and a couple from France who are adopting a 6 month old girl. Last night a couple from Portland checked in. They will be picking up their baby boy (who is exactly three days older than Emmie ) on Tuesday. We are really excited to be with them because it looks like they will be here for the same amount of time as us. Her husband will be leaving around the same time Tyler is leaving so we will be hanging out and helping each other out. She even does Crossfit!! I know I know.. call me lame, but I am so excited to have some one to work out with! We will be doing WODS in the park!

We picked up Leidy yesterday at the ICBF offices in Bogota. She was so nervous as were we, but so excited. She is now staying with us until our court date in which she becomes legally ours and then we can go home. We will find out in a week or so which court has our case. Some courts take longer than others so we are praying for a quick court. It can be as long as 8 weeks or as short as 5 weeks.  Yesterday afternoon the staff here at the hotel threw a party for Leidy welcoming her to her new family. It was really special. They said its because they want us to remember this day always. This week we have a lot to celebrate. Tomorrow is Leidy’s 14th birthday and Sunday is our 6th wedding anniversary!! 

Thanks for your prayers and support! We will keep the updates coming. 

First family pic… sorry its so blurry

Leidy’s welcome party

walking to dinner at Crepes and Waffles

Ira eating his favorite meal

My flowers from the staff here for being a new mama!


Ok folks! Its finally done.. at least the paperwork. We have finally sent our formal approval from Colombia to our the US immigration. From here we wait for them to approve it, which typically takes up to 3-4 weeks. Of course every day counts and we need it approved literally yesterday if we want Leidy home for Christmas. Our agency says that we will need to be in Colombia by November 15th to be able to bring Leidy home before their courts close for the holidays. From this point its a LONGSHOT but not impossible. There are some other road blocks that are completely out of our control. Some of the courts in Colombia are on strike which means that they might not be finalizing any adoptions before they close in the middle of December.  ALSO, Leidy’s current orphanage has closed so she has been moved away from the only home she has known since 2008. Please pray for her and that we can bring her back to her real home soon. We can use all the prayers we can get. I know that this is not too hard for God, however I trust in his plan and if thats waiting until January to pick up our daughter than thats ok too. 

All that to say, yes we are a little stressed and tense around here, but hopeful and at peace at the same time. 

On a happier note, we have been featured on the Hannah James blog. She features one family per month to donate 45% of the profits to. Check it out and maybe shop a little… :)

click on shop. 

I will keep the updates coming. Thank you thank you thank you for your prayers! 

These two faces bring me so much joy. 

Oh and here is Ira putting the finishing touches on the accent wall in Leidy’s room.


We are still hanging in there.. playing the waiting game. As the end of the year approaches we are getting more and more anxious to bring our Leidy home. We don’t have much of an update other than this:

Our dossier was approved by Colombia and now we are moving forward to submit the final paperwork to our government. This process can and usually takes up to 4 weeks. Since the courts in Colombia close in mid December we have been told by our agency if we aren’t in Colombia by November 15th we will not be able to bring her home for the holidays and her birthday in January. We will then have to wait until January or February to travel. So our prayers are that our paperwork will move quickly though the system and that we will be on that plane in a matter of a few weeks!

In the meantime we are getting Leidy’s room ready. (Its been so fun to create another girl space) and enjoying our time as a family of 4 (but eager to make it 5!) We are continuing to fundraise and apply for grants as there is still quite a bit more to raise. 

I do not have words to describe how amazingly supportive everyone has been. We have no doubt how much our community will love and welcome Leidy. THANK YOU!

More pictures….